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Jason Molenda
Fri Oct 1 13:23:00 GMT 1999

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 09:54:07PM +0200, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

> Considering spam blocks: I am not sure whether we really should use IMRSS
> DSSL. Some friends of mine who administer some heavy duty mail servers
> have had quite annoying problems with IMRSS not being reachable by e-mail
> and incorrectly listing closed (customer) relays.

IMRSS != IMRSS DSSL.  Both are off-line right now, actually, although
they'll be back soon.

IMRSS scans IP blocks to find hosts that have open relays.  We do not
use IMRSS.  IMRSS DSSL is akin to MAPS DUL -- it lists dial-up connections
(which should not be sending mail directly).  We use IMRSS DSSL.

I have a little .procmailrc set up to tag my own incoming spam with
which RBL's are matched, and I've seen that IMRSS does yield a large
number of false positives (non-spam mail).

ORBS and RRSS both (AFAIK) list a relay after spam has actually gone
through the host.

IMRSS is a political hot potato for some other reasons, like I _think_
they weren't notifying postmasters that they were listed at one point.

If you've heard bad things about IMRSS DSSL, please let me know.  I
haven't seen any problems with it, personally.

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