Fix to eCos gcc tests - do not fail if target does not support aliases

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Nov 30 23:59:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > Hi Guys,
  >   Following a conversation with Jifl, here are some improvments to my
  >   earlier patch.  In this version a seperate proc is used to decide if
  >   the target supports aliases, and the answer is cached, so that
  >   further calls do not require additional compiles to take place.
  >   Also the proc will now return a failure result if an ELF based
  >   toolchain claims that it does not support aliases.
  >   Any other comments or shall I check this version in ?
  > Cheers
  > 	Nick
  > 1999-11-04  Nick Clifton  <>
  > 	* gcc.dg/special/ecos.exp (check_alias_available): New proc:
  > 	Determine of the target toolchain supports the alias
  > 	attribute.
  > 	(alias-1.c): Only perform the test if the target supports
  > 	aliases. 
  > 	(wkali-1.c): Only perform the test if the target supports
  > 	aliases. 
The only suggestion I would have would be to move check_alias_available into
a more generic file.  From time to time we need to check for features and
those checks belong in a generic file in the library rather than in a testcase
specific driver.

So, find a better place to put check_alias_available and consider it approved.


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