Patch: relative path names

Tom Tromey
Mon Nov 8 18:46:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Mumit" == Mumit Khan <> writes:

>> Until now nobody has had time to extract it from our tree and
>> submit it to gcc.

Mumit> I thought I did, but perhaps not. I do remember discussing
Mumit> with, and Jeff had mentioned his willingness to look
Mumit> into/incorporate it.

I didn't mean to misrepresent anything.  You might have submitted
these changes; I really don't know at all.  All I know is that nobody
at Cygnus has done it.  Sorry about that.

Mumit> in my x86-win32 patchset, in a slightly modified form, since
Mumit> egcs-1.0 or so.

Mumit> It's in gcc-2.95.2-relative-path.diff. 

Mumit> I have a few minor additions, but I can add those after it goes
Mumit> in the tree.

Given that rth wants #ifndef VMS changes, I'll incorporate your
changes too and resubmit (perhaps tomorrow).

Thanks for the info.


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