[PATCH] patch for valarray support

Gabriel Dos_Reis Gabriel.Dos_Reis@sophia.inria.fr
Wed Jun 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

Robert Lipe <robertlipe@usa.net> writes:

| > | Simply removing the include <alloca.h> in std/std_valarray.h works for
| > Then how did 'alloca' got resolved?
| Iontno.
| Since it's compiled with G++, does it perhaps pick up some magic prototype
| for the internal alloca that GCC has?

Yep.  But that doesn't work with -ansi in effect.

| GCC always has alloca, right?  The bundled libstdc++ is guaranteed to be
| compiled with GCC, right?

In fact GCC always has __builtin_alloca, not alloca.  The patch takes
care of that.

-- Gaby

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