allow udk 'make install' to work.

Robert Lipe
Wed Jun 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

>   > TAROUTOPTS in gcc/ uses the nonstandard 'B' option to
> I'd guess it was the 'B' that bit you :-0 I've been nailed by it more
> times than I care to remember.

Yes, it's hosed me on every system I've ever used.

> I've always found that 'B' option as annoying as hell.  We should
> simply kill 'B' (it's not really needed).  It's a stupid and
> non-portable to keep using it.

That's why I went to the effort to count the number of targets that had
to override it. :-) When the majority of the hosts have to override the
defaults, it sounds like the defaults could be improved.

I vote to nuke the 'B' from the trunk, Jeff.


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