C++: Namespaces and in class defined friends

mark@codesourcery.com mark@codesourcery.com
Wed Jun 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin v Loewis <martin@mira.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

    >> > Ok to install in both branches?  Yes.

    Martin> I noticed afterwards that the change

    Martin> 1999-05-22 Mark Mitchell <mark@codesourcery.com>

    Martin> 	* decl.c (push_nested_namespace): New function.
    Martin> (pop_nested_namespace): Likewise.

    Martin> isn't on the release branch, either - so my patch works
    Martin> only on the mainline.

I tend to have a very cautious (perhaps too much so?) attitude towards
branches.  Basically, I'm more comfortable with bugs we know than
risks we don't.  I've been trying to put only fixes for regressions
on the branch; we don't want the new compiler to seem worse than the
old one to our users.

If Jason thinks your change is important, and mine is not too risky,
then feel free to move it over.

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CodeSourcery, LLC               http://www.codesourcery.com

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