Another movdf_hardfloat32 patch

Richard Henderson
Fri Jun 25 12:06:00 GMT 1999

On Fri, Jun 25, 1999 at 02:42:22PM +0200, Franz Sirl wrote:
>      60          stw 9,bar+48@l(8)        # 11   *movdf_hardfloat32/3
>      61          stw 10,4((null))

By inspection, in print_operand case 'L',

            output_address (plus_constant (XEXP (x, 0), UNITS_PER_WORD));

is producing 

	(plus (lo_sum reg (const (plus bar 48)))

and it needs to fiddle the outer plus inside the lo_sum.

Either that or print_operand_address has to be adjusted
to cope with addends in both places.


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