compile and install bugs on irix

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jun 24 02:23:00 GMT 1999

  In message <
>you write:
  > (Jeff, I'm always suprised about your memory, or did you consult the
  > ChangeLogs? ;-) )
All I remembered was that we explicitly turned install-info back on.  I
had to go back to the ChangeLog to find out who did it.  I figured the
person responsible would remember the why :-) :-)

  > To avoid any possible side effects, I did not submit a patch to back out
  > my previous changes, but as a matter of fact I don't think removing
  >   1999-01-21  Gerald Pfeifer  <>
  >         * (SUBDIRS): Include util again in order to generate
  >         install-info.
  >         * Rebuild.
  > for the release should cause any problems, and we probably should do that
  > if that fixes the Irix issue.
OK.  Thanks for the info.  Backing that patch out is probably Ok then.


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