read_ret_type include fix
Wed Jun 23 11:38:00 GMT 1999

Hi Philippe,

It looks like I commented it out when I was backing out
fixes from the SVR4 "fixinc.svr4" file.  Below is a proposed
diff.  I have added a selection clause because the "select"
is done internally without forking off another process.
I would like you to consider the select clause and propose
any improvements.  The requirement is:

1.  It must be positive for all "stdio.h" header files that
    require this fix.

It is desireable to:

2.  Be negative as often as possible whenever the fix is not
    required to avoid new process overhead

It is nice if:

3.  The selection expression is as simple as possible to both
    process and uderstand by people.  :-)

That in mind, here is the proposed patch:

Index: inclhack.def
RCS file: /cvs/egcs/egcs/gcc/fixinc/inclhack.def,v
retrieving revision 1.29
diff -u -r1.29 inclhack.def
@@ -1235,15 +1235,14 @@
  *  Fix return type of fread and fwrite on sysV68
-#ifdef LATER
 fix = {
     hackname = read_ret_type;
     files    = stdio.h;
+    select   = "extern int\t.*, fread\\(\\), fwrite\\(\\)";
     sed      = "s/^\\(extern int\tfclose(), fflush()\\), "
                  "\\(fread(), fwrite()\\)\\(.*\\)$"
                "/extern unsigned int\t\\2;\\\n\\1\\3/";

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