New test (mainline only)

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jun 17 12:53:00 GMT 1999

This test will cause certain 64bit mips platforms to abort.  The code
itself has undefined behavior, but that's no excuse for allowing the
compiler to crash.

I've got a patch to the mips backend to fix this bug, but before submitting
teh fix, I want to review a few things.

        * gcc.c-torture/compile/990617-1.c: New test.

int main()
    do {
        long l;
        long *p = &l;
        *p = 0x0000000070000000L;
        p += 2;
            unsigned int *addr = (unsigned int *)0x70000000;
            printf("%d, %d\n", addr[1], addr[0]);
    } while (1);

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