Eric Raskin ehr@listworks.com
Thu Jun 10 08:51:00 GMT 1999

Re-submitted patch to ANSI-fy the CPP_PREDEFINES/CPP_SPEC for DG/UX.

1999-06-10 Eric Raskin (ehr@listworks.com)

	* dgux.h: Move DG/UX specific defines from CPP_PREDEFINES to
	  CPP_SPEC and include for non-ansi case only.

--- egcs-19990608-orig/gcc/config/i386/dgux.h   Fri Apr 16 15:52:42 1999
+++ egcs-19990608/gcc/config/i386/dgux.h        Wed Jun  9 17:17:58 1999
@@ -144,15 +146,15 @@ Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.  */
    operate without installing the header files.  */

-#define CPP_PREDEFINES "-Di386 -D__ix86 -Dunix -DDGUX -D__CLASSIFY_TYPE__=2\
-   -Asystem(unix) -Asystem(svr4) -Acpu(i386) -Amachine(i386)"
+#define CPP_PREDEFINES "-Asystem(unix) -Asystem(svr4) -Acpu(i386) -Amachine(i38

      If not -ansi, -traditional, or restricting include files to one
      specific source target, specify full DG/UX features.
 #undef CPP_SPEC
-#define        CPP_SPEC "%{!ansi:%{!traditional:-D__OPEN_NAMESPACE__}}"
+#define        CPP_SPEC "%(cpp_cpu) %{!ansi:-D__ix86 -D__using_DGUX \
+-D__CLASSIFY_TYPE__=2 %{!traditional:-D__OPEN_NAMESPACE__}}"

 /* Assembler support (legends for mxdb).  */
 #undef ASM_SPEC

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