egcs-19990602/libiberty size_t etc fixes

Philippe De Muyter
Wed Jun 9 03:29:00 GMT 1999

>   > Fri Jun  4 18:41:39 1999  Philippe De Muyter  <>
>   > 
>   > 	* setenv.c (sys/types.h, stdio.h): Files included;
>   > 	(malloc): External function declaration added.
>   > 	* xstrdup.c (sys/types.h): File included.
> Shouldn't the declaration of malloc be autoconf'd?   I think you just add it
> to AC_CHECKFUNCS, then surround the declaration with
> Can you make that change and resubmit?
> Thanks,

That would perhaps be better, but none of the libiberty files does it that way.
They basically all use the simple method that I used, with small variations
from file to file :

void * instead of char *,
PTR instead of char *,
parameter list enclosed in PARAMS()

So, for the moment, I'd prefer to stick with my proposed change.


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