PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES runtime selection

Jeffrey A Law
Thu Jun 3 08:41:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > I've got a minor question.  Why not make PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES be defined
  > for all ports by defaulting it to zero somewhare?  Then, all the
  > #ifdef PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES could go, and we would just have:
  >   if (PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES && ...)
  > which would yield much more attractive code.  When PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES
  > is zero, the compiler will remove the conditionalized code.
  > In general, avoiding conditional compilation is probably a good thing:
  > if nothing else it keeps us from accidentally preventing some port
  > slightly different than our own from compiling when we change
  > something.
Agreed 100%.


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