libgcj versus libtool

Tom Tromey
Sat Jul 31 22:30:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

>> Here is the rather ugly patch.  You'd probably want to remove the
>> "CYGNUS LOCAL" markers.

Alexandre> Hmm, the problem is that it assumes gcc.  -B may have other
Alexandre> meanings, and we don't always want to pass it down.

This patch is really only any good for the Cygnus (or egcs) tree.  I
wouldn't recommend it for general use.

In the egcs tree we can probably assume that -B will only be used in
this particular way.

Alexandre> This is already implemented in libtool 1.3b, that is likely
Alexandre> to be released today.  I understand it might be cumbersome
Alexandre> to add -Wc, before -B, but I don't see any other portable
Alexandre> way to go :-(

Doesn't this end up being the same as your previous patch?  We have to
change CC in a particular way on a case-by-case basis in both

It is a bad situation.  No approach seems very clean.  Perhaps going
with your "-lt-" patch, and adding dummy dependencies for
compatibility, is the best way.  It adds a bit more overhead to a file
that is already complex.  To me this seems a bit better than
maintaining a local hack to libtool.


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