Updating bug reporting request error messages and docs to gcc.gnu.org

Alexandre Oliva oliva@dcc.unicamp.br
Sat Jul 31 22:30:00 GMT 1999

The patch below updates all occurrences of egcs-bugs in the gcc
sources to refer only to the bug reporting FAQ, so that we (hopefully)
get better-quality bug reports.  It also updates the docs so as to
refer to the new e-mail addresses and URLs.  I removed a full
paragraph from the bug reporting instructions that was a duplicate
from the FAQ, and very likely to quickly become outdated.  The e-mail
address of the testresults mailing list is also updated.

Craig, you may want to update the paths and other references to egcs
in gcc/f/root.texi.  I didn't touch them because I'm not sure about
other implications of changing those EGCS/FSF variables.

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