PATCH: install/specific.html typo

Robert Lipe
Sat Jul 31 22:30:00 GMT 1999

> >! <a href="sco_osr5_g77.patch"><code>`sco_osr5_g77.patch`</code></a> to your libf2c and 
> Not only is </CODE> missing, but the closing "quote" is also an accent
> grave ("backquote" in some parlance), which makes it look like a

Committed under the "obviously correct" rule.   Thanx, guys.

> Probably best to eliminate the quotes entirely, and rely on the <CODE>
> tag to help the browser DTRT.

I didn't feel strongly about it, but I lost that argument with Gerald.
Certain unnamed browsers ignore <code> so the quotes are the only way to
communicate the the visual cue.


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