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Jonas Rathert jrt@gmx.de
Wed Jul 28 09:36:00 GMT 1999


On Tue, Jul 27, 1999 at 08:09:31PM +0200, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> As a general note, we prefer to receive indepent changes as separate
> patches, i.e., in this case I would have prefered a "markup patch", a
> "move patch" and a "libstdc++-v3 patch".

I thought about doing it like that, but doesn't that lead to some
trouble?  If I did the three patches "independently", that means each
in it's own fresh updated cvs-tree, it's not easy to apply them one
after the other.  And if I do change the files in only one cvs-tree and
call diff every time I do a specific change (markup, move, libstdc++),
the patches only work when applied in the right order. 

Anyway: I'll do what you want me to, but please explain what I should
do when I make <n> changes: diff every change spearately againts the
cvs-repository or use the same file over and over again?

> BTW, have you forgot to mention the addition of a index to specific.html
> (which definitely was a good idea considering the increase in the size of
> that page), or was that a test of my accuracy when doing reviews ? ;-)

Nope.  The test was in faq.html: the href="" to some absolute path --
the directory on my computer where I store the web-pages. ;-)
Although it's too late now and everybody knows I'm so imaginative to
name my mount points "/xinu", a patch to fix that problem follows.


 "OS/2?  Hah.  I've got Linux.  What a cool name"  (Linus Torvalds)

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