all.cross does not build xcpp

Andreas Schwab
Tue Jul 27 07:30:00 GMT 1999

There is no reason not to build xcpp in a cross compiler, and it is built
during installation anyway.

Tue Jul 27 16:29:29 1999  Andreas Schwab  <>

	* (all.cross): Depend on xcpp$(exeext).

--- egcs/gcc/	Tue Jul 27 14:01:57 1999
+++ egcs/gcc/	Tue Jul 27 16:27:33 1999
@@ -837,8 +837,8 @@
 # This is what to compile if making a cross-compiler.
 # Note that we can compile enquire using the cross-compiler just built,
 # although we can't run it on this machine.
-all.cross: native gcc-cross specs stmp-headers $(STMP_FIXPROTO) $(LIBGCC) \
-	$(LIBGCC1_TEST) $(EXTRA_PARTS) lang.all.cross doc
+all.cross: native gcc-cross xcpp$(exeext) specs stmp-headers $(STMP_FIXPROTO) \
+	$(LIBGCC) $(LIBGCC1_TEST) $(EXTRA_PARTS) lang.all.cross doc
 # This is what to compile if making gcc with a cross-compiler. native xgcc$(exeext) xcpp$(exeext) $(EXTRA_PARTS)
 # This is what must be made before installing GCC and converting libraries.

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