Your g++ breaks glibc.

Mark Mitchell
Wed Jul 14 23:34:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey A Law <> writes:

    Jeffrey> I've got conflicting reports from Jason and Alexandre
    Jeffrey> about this one.  I need a definitive answer before I wake
    Jeffrey> up in the morning or it will not be in gcc-2.95.

Both Jason and Alexandre are right.

The code is indeed buggy:


  If any declaration of a function has an exception-specification, all
  declarations, including the definition and an explicit specialization,
  of  that  function shall have an exception-specification with the same
  set of type-ids.

It couldn't be any clearer.

If autoconf is generating the code fragment H.J. shows, then autoconf
is broken.

However, the patch should still go on the branch.  After all, autoconf
is in widespread use.  There is no non-conformance issue here since we
will still warn if -pedantic.

H.J., please follow up with whatever tool is producing this bogus
code, and get that tool fixed.  In the next major version, we should
make this a warning, even without -pedantic.  In the next major
version after that, we should probably disallow this usage, period.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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