PATCH: SCO-specific doc added
Thu Jul 1 23:23:00 GMT 1999

>+ Use of the `<code>-march-pentiumpro</code>' flag can result in
>+ unrecognized opcodes when using the native assembler.  While
>+ it's rather rare to see these emitted by GCC yet, errors of the basic form:
>+ <pre>
>+ /usr/tmp/ccaNlqBc.s:22:unknown instruction: fcomip
>+ /usr/tmp/ccaNlqBc.s:50:unknown instruction: fucomip
>+ </pre>
>+ are symptoms of this problem.   You man work around this by not 
>+ building affected files with that flag or using the GNU assembler.   

In addition to fixing the typo to "You *may* work...", I suggest changing
the wording of the latter part of that sentence to one of the following,
since it is, at present, ambiguous:

  "...with that flag or by using the GNU assembler."

  "...with that flag or by not using the GNU assembler."

And, if you mean the latter, make sure it's clear to the reader (in context)
what specific other assembler should be used.

(My guess is, based on the context, that you mean the former.)

        tq vm, (burley)

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