New `' doc patch for gcc 2.95

Robert Lipe
Thu Jul 1 07:47:00 GMT 1999

> Here's a proposed patch that adds a top-level Info document,
>, to serve as an overview document of sorts for the

> I'd like to see *at least* the chapter on Multilibs make it into gcc 2.95
> somehow.  It's based on an email exchange Robert Lipe and I had, well,
> mostly his email to me containing info on multilibs.  Couldn't see an

Wow.   You did a really good job wordsmithing my text.   Thanx!   I have
exactly zero comments on the words you emitted.

> The reason multilibs needs to be described in 2.95 is that I believe
> this is the first time they'll be widely seen in a product called "gcc",
> if not in egcs 1.0 and 1.1.  (Well, I know libf2c didn't support them
> until 1.2.  I think it was Robert who reminded me to document this new
> feature in g77's docs.)

I believe that to be true only to the Fortran crowd.  (Insert joke about
several blind men looking at an elephant here.)  Other languages -
especially for embedded targets - have been multilibbed for some time.
I'm quite sure I was using multilibbed embedded MIPS targets in the
middle of the decade becuase I remember cursing how long they took to
build on my Sparc Classic. :-)

I'm even more sure that GCC 2.8.0 had multilib support for OpenServer
and that Kean and I cribbed the support in '96 from other existing
multilibbed targets.  So I think this particular feature isn't new.

None of this changes the motivation for including the documentation,


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