patch to clean out savestring, copystr, mybzero and mybcopy

Per Bothner
Mon Jan 11 20:48:00 GMT 1999

> You're looking at the wrong link library variable.  (Maybe its
> my fault, I may have used the wrong host vs build terminology.)
> My patch changed mybcopy->bcopy in gen*.c.  These files are linked with

Yes, the gen*.c programs are run on the "build" machine.  The terminology
in the Makefile does seem rather confusing ...

> I submitted a patch to build both host and build copies of libiberty.a
> but it never got commented on.

It would be nice to get this fixed.

> But as I said, I
> personally prefer not to bother converting because manually reversing
> the src/dst args can introduce typos.  That's just MHO.

True, but that way lies never doing "unneeded" code clean-ups.
I think simplifying, consistency, and general cleaning up the compiler
have value in themselves.

BTW:  A few years ago, we did go though gdb and "ansi-fy" the string
function calls.

	--Per Bothner
Cygnus Solutions

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