g++ memory bug.

Theodore Papadopoulo Theodore.Papadopoulo@sophia.inria.fr
Fri Jan 8 11:27:00 GMT 1999

mrs@wrs.com said:
> Nope, not removed yet (if you refer to the members).  In general, only
> through link time feedback can we do this type of transformation, as
> another file or library may in fact do something with them.  If you
> mean the one in main, then yes, it should wind up going. 

I was referring to the stack (in main and the created functions).
This bring one corrolary: can a function be reconsidered for inlining 
after having went throught the optimizer. If so, with your patch, 
after a few cycles, the optimal code (with no function call at all 
would be generated). The question is still, what is the cost and
is it worth doing so...

>> In this regard, egcs does much better since when it is able to do the 
>> full inlining as it suppresses all the calls....
> It is nice to see that we do better than Kai...

Further checking shows that Kai does the inlining when the constructor of 
the X class is the default constructor generated by the compiler and 
does the behaviour I described when this constructor is implemented 
by the user.

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