Stabilization on the ARM: an unrolling bug

Richard Earnshaw
Fri Jan 8 04:07:00 GMT 1999 said:
> Richard, can you try this patch to see if it solves your problem. It
> looks to see if there is more than one use of the label at the top of
> the loop and punts calculating the loop iteration info if this is the
> case.

> Fri Jan  8 23:29:26 1999  Michael Hayes  <
> >

> 	* unroll.c (loop_iterations): Return 0 if the loop has multiple
> 	back edges. 

Unfortunately, the stage1 compiler now aborts while compiling 
_bb_exit_func in libgcc2.c (the last_loop_insn is a line note if compiled 
with -O2 -g0, and a LOOP_END note if just compiled with -O2).


Pre-processed source below:

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