shared libstdc++ on SVR5, UDK.

Robert Lipe
Sat Jan 2 19:14:00 GMT 1999

Jeffrey A Law wrote:

>   In message < >you write:
>   >   * (*-*-sysv5, *-*-*udk*):  Treat like sysv4.
> Looks reasonable to me.

Thanx.  I'll commit it to the trunk.

> I wonder if you need to tweak any of the toplevel configury too
> though...

I just did a bootstrap of that target with --enable-shared and this
patch seemed to be enough to get a shared libstdc++ and trivial
applications linked against it seem to work.

There may well be other libraries that should be built as .so's that
are instead.  I'll do the following:

        * commit this one 
	* start a build with --enable-shared with all languages on 
	  a Linux system
	* compare the list of resulting .so's on the two builds 

If the changes I find are of similar scope (sysv4 vs. sysv5) with
similar fixes, I'll consider them pre-approved and commit them as well.


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