Final patch for shared library problem in SCO OpenServer

Robert Lipe
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

I thought about this more.  Even if I can't justify the time for a full
test based on my opinion of the usefulness of GAS on this target, this
patch makes it more correct than it would be without it.   

I committed it to both release and trunk under the "obvious" clause.


> > Oops!! I think we forgot an important file i386/t-sco5gas. We must
> > to add crti.o support because sco5gas would be broken, because make
> Given all the limitations of using GAS on OpenServer, I'm not sure that
> I consider it an _important_ file, but you're right.  We do need to
> draft those 3 lines in.
> Can you do this and test it?  I have the 10 seconds to add the three
> lines but not the 6 hours of to find GAS, spin a bootstrap --with-gas,
> and drag it through the testsuite.

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