PATCH for alias set/stack temporary bug

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you wri
  > >>>>> "Richard" == Richard Henderson <> writes:
  >     Richard> On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 11:01:59PM -0700, Jeffrey A Law
  >     Richard> wrote:
  >     >> Hmmm, what other ways can we try to deal with this?
  >     Richard> Can we represent set unions?
  > Yes; we've already got that functionality.
  >     Richard> We could create a set for each stack slot; stack slots
  >     Richard> that get broken up get subsetted so that they don't
  >     Richard> conflict with one another but do with the `parent' slot.
  >     Richard> The memory returned for any particular stack memory would
  >     Richard> have a mem set that is the union of it's type and
  >     Richard> containing stack slot.
  > That was my first idea too.  But, it's not very easy to do.  One of
  > the cases where we get stack temps is for the call frames for inlined
  > functions.  It's hard to alter the MEMs used by the callee to
  > incorporate this information.
Right.  That's really the tough part -- finding all those mems which refer
to those slots and fixing them.


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