Ok, which branch/tag do I use for egcs 1.1.2?

Dave Love d.love@dl.ac.uk
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "CB" == Craig Burley <craig@jcb-sc.com> writes:

 >> +<pre>	cvs -z 9 co -regcs_1_1_branch egcs</pre>

 CB> Isn't this the command that needs the -P option to prevent getting
 CB> directories added on the mainline?

`-P' just `prunes' empty directories.  If you check out a branch, you
don't get stuff added only to the trunk.

AFAICT, things are OK:

$ cvs-egcs co -regcs_1_1_branch egcs/gcc/java
cvs server: Updating egcs/gcc/java

i.e. nothing got checked out.

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