Jeffrey A Law law@upchuck.cygnus.com
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

  In message < 19990215055330.29112.qmail@deer >you write:
  > I have my "cvs" directory in which I do this stuff.  I've done "cvs checkou
  > t
  > egcs" to get the mainline, "cvs checkout -r egcs_1_1_branch egcs-1.1" to
  > get the branch.  Then I've done "cvs update" on each, on occasion.
  > A few patches I've created (usually on copies of these directories,
  > so I can isolate what I'm doing and review it, after which I use
  > `diff' to create a patch which I then apply to the cvs/ directories)
  > have been applicable to both checked-out directories.
  > So, after applying the patches to both directories, I've done:
  >   cvs commit -m whatever egcs egcs-1.1
  > And, the response I've has strongly suggested that both branches' files
  > have been updated accordingly, just as if I'd done:
OK.  I think this is OK.

  > Two things I've noticed: one, the single-command approach yields
  > a curious/spurious diagnostic after it's seemingly done; two,
  > I don't get an email from egcs-cvs that notifies me (us) about the
  > changes to the egcs_1_1_branch branch.

  > Checking in egcs-1.1/gcc/f/version.c;
  > /egcs/carton/cvsfiles/egcs/gcc/f/version.c,v  <--  version.c
  > new revision:; previous revision:
  > done
  > Cannot open file /tmp/#egcscvs.lastdir.6986.
  > [craig@deer cvs]$
[ ... ]
Ah.  Yes.  This is why we're not getting checkin messages.

I'll see if I can get something similar to happen with a multi-directory
checkin.  Though I must admit the mail wrappers have always been a little
bit of a black box to me.


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