Openbsd configuration, i386

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

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  > Here are the configuration files for i386
  > Tue Feb 16 18:43:09 CET 1999	Marc Espie <>
  > 	* config/i386/openbsd.h: new file, originally from netbsd
  > 	* config/i386/xm-openbsd.h: new file
A few more comments.

Kill the RCS keywords.   I don't want to have to edit all of your submissions
to kill the keyword expansions.

You need a copyright header on each new file with a proper date.

Kill the "------------" stuff in the comments, no other ports have such
braindamage.  A consistent comment style with the rest of the compiler is

Comments should generally be complete sentences with proper punctuation
and capitolization.  The comment ends with a period, two spaces and the
close comment chars.

  >     if ((LOG)!=0)							\
  >       if ((MAX_SKIP)==0) fprintf ((FILE), "\t.p2align %d\n", (LOG));
  > 	\
  >       else fprintf ((FILE), "\t.p2align %d,,%d\n", (LOG), (MAX_SKIP));
  > 	\
  >   } while (0)
  > #endif
Space around the != and the ==.  I suspect you caught this goof from other
files.  I fixed a handful of these to avoid other folks making the same

I actually prefer a patch rather than raw files encapsulated in mime stuff.
They're easier to deal with, particularly when dealing with lots of new


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