multiple definitions of 'xxx keyed to...' in egcs-1.1.1

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

[ replying to my own ill-formed message ]

  In message < > I write:

  >   In message < >you write:
  >   > This is wrong, or at least incomplete.  ASM_OUTPUT_CONSTRUCTOR does not
  >   > imply the use of .ctors/.dtors sections.
  > Right.  That's why trying to if this problem by depending on that macro is
  > wrong.  
			         ^^^ fix

  > It sounds like we need a new macro which indicates the target uses
  > ctor/dtor sections and the dynamic linker handles firing of ctors/dtors.
  > Given such a macro.
Given such a macro, we can safely make these functions static on those systems
where it is safe.


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