libU77/lstat_.c buglet
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

>When doing make check, you get an annoying message in libf2c/libU77 that
> *** LSTAT and STAT don't agree on              array element  7
>because that element is set to 0 in the lstat case.
>This is solved by the following patch:
>--- libf2c/libU77/lstat_.c.bak	Sat Feb 20 01:19:06 1999
>+++ libf2c/libU77/lstat_.c	Sat Feb 20 01:19:33 1999
>@@ -69,7 +69,6 @@
>   statb[8] = buf.st_atime;
>   statb[9] = buf.st_mtime;
>   statb[10] = buf.st_ctime;
>-  statb[6] = 0;
>   statb[11] = buf.st_blksize;
> #else

Yikes.  Thanks for noticing this; what readers of this patch might
wonder is, why wasn't element [6] set in the "obvious", ordered place
above, and the answer is, it was, either to 0 or to some variable,
depending on target configuration.

I'll do up a ChangeLog entry for you and commit this patch, unless
Dave Love objects before I do it (or if after, we can always undo it,
but if *this* patch is wrong, *some* patch will be applied to make
the existing code not look so blatantly wrong, even if that means
a comment like "We really can't rely on rdev, so just zero out the
variable" and moving the =0 statement up a few lines accordingly).

        tq vm, (burley)

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