cpp issues

Zack Weinberg zack@rabi.columbia.edu
Sun Feb 28 18:15:00 GMT 1999

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999 13:48:49 -0500 (EST), "Kaveh R. Ghazi" wrote:
>	Here is my patch to change HOST_WIDE_INT -> HOST_WIDEST_INT in
>cpp*.[ch].  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be enough to fix the
>problems with cpp long long truncation on mips-irix6. 
>	We should install it though as it is a starting point for
>finishing the bugfix.  I'll submit a testcase in a followup patch.
>Okay to install?

I don't see any problems with this on an eyeball scan, my tree is
hacked up right now so I can't test it for you.

Is the truncation problem now specific to irix6 or does it happen on
other platforms too?


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