craig@jcb-sc.com craig@jcb-sc.com
Sun Feb 28 12:34:00 GMT 1999

> http://egcs.cygnus.com/cgi-bin/fortrannews

Cool!  Would you be willing to engineer a similar feat for the bugs.texi
info?  For the short term, this specific info would be nice to have
made available automatically via the web page.  (I'm not sure what
to suggest about those unresolved "@xref"'s, though.)

Actually, more generally, I'm interested in seeing a high-level web
page that gives people access to the lists of:

  A.  New (user-visible) changes

  B.  All visible changes

  C.  Known bugs

  D.  "To-do", or "projects", items

For some time, g77 has provided these distinct lists, though only the
B and C items via distinct files.  (The A item is a culled version of
the B item, and is enclosed within g77.texi.  The D item is within

Other lists people want to add might include "performance" and
"benchmark results".

Then, for each of these lists, it'd be nice to offer this kind of

  a.  Infrastructure.

  b.  Compiler back-end (code generation plus ports).

  c.  Front ends (per-language).

  d.  Libraries.

  e.  Tests.

I don't think this would be very hard to do.  The hard part is getting
a consensus on the above.  After that, it's a SMOP to improve the
infrastructure to provide the right hooks in the right places.

In the meantime, having the trunk versions of g77's news.texi and
bugs.texi made available on the web would be wonderful.  Your cgi
script appears to be a great start!

        tq vm, (burley)

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