Final patch for shared library problem in SCO OpenServer

Arturo Montes
Sun Feb 28 06:41:00 GMT 1999

Hi Robert

>  In message < >you write:
>  > [ Jeff, have we missed 1.1.2 cutoff on this? ]
>I wish we had, but in reality, no.  There'll be one more pre-release, after
>that point any patch will have to be "the world will end without this fix"
>before it'll go in :-)
>This patch obviously can't bust any other port and it looks like the right
>thing to do.  I've installed it.

Oops!! I think we forgot an important file i386/t-sco5gas. We must to add
crti.o support because sco5gas would be broken, because make bootstrap will
don´t know as build it.



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