Jeffrey A Law law@hurl.cygnus.com
Fri Feb 26 22:39:00 GMT 1999

  In message < 19990227002311.24643.qmail@deer >you write:
  > I've just committed a substantially different version of this file.
  > The patch is probably too big to send.  The bottom of the new file
  > explains (somewhat) how it was generated.
  > Could HTML-aware people (like Dave Love) look it over and make sure
  > that, at least, it's no worse (for our purposes) than the previous
  > incarnation?  And, if there are any suggestions, please let me know.
Well, instead of trying to convert this thing to html by hand on a regular
basis why don't we use texi2html so that we only have a single news file
instead of trying to maintain a copy in the sources and another for the
web pages/

I'm not much of a cgi/perl guy, but try this.  I'm not proud of the cgi
source itself, but it's functional.


It will actually go into the cvs repository, check out the news.texi from
the fortran subdir, convert it into html, and display the result.

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