dbxout.c (gstab.h): Use if CROSS_COMPILE.

Kaveh R. Ghazi ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu
Fri Feb 26 06:54:00 GMT 1999

 > From: Jeffrey A Law <law@hurl.cygnus.com> 
 >   In message < 199902250505.VAA06568@ada.cygnus.com.cygnus.com >you write:
 >   > In the long term, we might just want to get rid of HAVE_STAB_H.
 > I think that was the conclusion we came to a few months back.  Trying to
 > use the host stab.h just isn't worth the headaches it adds.
 > I'm pretty sure that such a change is safe -- I'm not aware of any
 > disagreements between vendor stab.h files for the stabs that gcc actually
 > generates.  Additionally, due to Kenner's broken changes we were using
 > gstab.h for natives for a few months back in 1998 without any reports of
 > problems.
 > jeff

	While the change may be safe, relying on a lack of bug reports
might not be a clear indication it is actually safe in this situation.

	I.e.  I don't think the egcs testsuite would show any problems
if one of the definitions in gstab.h didn't match the host's.  IMHO
you'd need to run the *gdb* testsuite using the right snapshot of egcs
(the snapshot which mistakenly used gstab.h for natives) as your
compiler for the test. 

	Was that ever done across a wide range of platforms? I doubt it. 
Let's please coordinate with the gdb folks and do that first before we
make this change. 

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