ARM patches applied

Richard Earnshaw
Thu Feb 25 03:40:00 GMT 1999

This looks ok now.  I suggest you install it, then we can deal with any 
other matters arising. said:
>       You mentioned that the changed defintion might be a
> problem for Linux - did you have anything particular in mind ? 

I don't know.  That's why I added Phil to the Cc: list.  Phil, any 

>  Alternatively we could change the definition of TARGET_SHORT_BY_BYTES
> to:

>   #define TARGET_SHORT_BY_BYTES	((target_flags & ARM_FLAG_SHORT_BYTE)
> \
>                                 && ! arm_arch4) 

That might help to tidy up some of the internal code (though it some ways 
it obfuscates what is happening); but it still misses my point, which is 
that the user option -mshort-load-bytes is an inaccurate description of 
what really happens and why we do it.


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