ARM patches applied

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Feb 24 12:10:00 GMT 1999

  In message < 199902241156.LAA19545@sun52.NIS.cambridge >you write:
  > Hmm, looking at your suggested patch, I think a better way is to create a 
  > SUBTARGET_CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE which can be defined in riscix.h, and 
  > is added to the end of CONDITIONAL_REGISTER_USAGE; this is more general 
  > than trying to fix things up with a TARGET_IS_RISCIX specific hack.  Also, 

Nick -- look at the m32r port and the mips ports for examples of this 

  > See below (arm_return_in_memory).  As a note here, I don't like the way 
  > the netbsd port is doing that (it uses non-pcc struct returning to compile 
  > just one file in the standard library which contains the soft-float code, 
  > it then needs structures of 2 words to be returned in registers -- very 
  > dodgy, it would be better to fix the source file in libc so the undef 
  > wasn't needed).
Haven't the netbsd folks gone back and forth a couple times on this issue; I
seem to recall it being discussed before.

The problem (as I see it) is if they change then they break backwards


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