Various changes for PIC code on ARM...

Philip Blundell
Wed Feb 24 06:57:00 GMT 1999

>My changes are modelled after the way the i386 guys did their PIC support.  It
>seemed like the best way at the time, as they seemed to be driving the
>compiler/assembler/linker forward.  How do the NetBSD guys mark a branch as
>having to go through the PLT, or whether something needs a GOT or GOTOFF 

As I understand it the NetBSD assembler just makes all branches PLT-relative 
when you tell it that you want PIC code.  This is triggered by the -k flag 
which GCC passes to it when -fpic is in use.  Richard is right that this is 
actually a rather neater way to do things and I don't think it should be hard 
to arrange.  Ditto for GOT on global data.

I don't think they draw any distinction between GOT and GOTOFF.

Most of the support for this is actually in GNU as already.  Look at 
tc_gen_reloc(), particularly the bits that say `#if 0  /* not needed */'. :-)


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