PATCH for CVS mainline sources to make ``--enable-nls'' work

Paul Eggert
Sun Feb 21 23:56:00 GMT 1999

   Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:06:03 +0100 (MET)
   From: Manfred Hollstein <>


   I don't know, if they should be checked into the CVS tree???

Those files are generated automatically, so they don't need to be
checked in.  However, some maintainers like to check in the files
anyway.  Hmm, what's the tradition at Cygnus for internationalized

Here are some comments about your patches to gcc/po/

   +#getopt.c is part of libiberty in egcs

Unfortunately, this change will break the localization of several
strings in getopt.c, e.g. "%s: option `%s' is ambiguous\n".  How do
other programs that use libiberty address this issue?  One hacky
workaround is to plant a symbolic link from getopt.c to
../libiberty/getopt.c, just so that xgettext can see it.  But I hope
there's a better way.

   +#pexecute.c is part of libiberty in egcs

pexecute.c has two strings that need localization: "cannot open
`'" and "installation problem, cannot exec `%s'".  These have
been wrapped in GCC2 copy of pexecute.c, but not yet in the Cygnus
master copy of pexecute.c.  Once the Cygnus mater copy of pexecute.c
picks up these changes, the problem then becomes similar to that of
getopt.c, and can be solved in a similar way.
As for the other lines that you commented out from
it's better to remove the lines than comment them out, so that one can
automatically check whether is up-to-date.  This automatic
check is in GCC2 (as part of distdir-check), but is not yet in egcs
(otherwise you wouldn't be having these problems :-).

Thanks for looking into the problem; I haven't had time to get up to
speed on egcs development yet.

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