multiple definitions of 'xxx keyed to...' in egcs-1.1.1

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Feb 21 15:22:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > This is wrong, or at least incomplete.  ASM_OUTPUT_CONSTRUCTOR does not
  > imply the use of .ctors/.dtors sections.
Right.  That's why trying to if this problem by depending on that macro is

It sounds like we need a new macro which indicates the target uses ctor/dtor
sections and the dynamic linker handles firing of ctors/dtors.  Given such
a macro.

  > As someone else mentioned,
  > aoutos.h defines it to a conditional, though there's really no reason for
  > that; the code in aoutos.h is a duplicate of the code in
  > assemble_constructor.  I think this approach will work if we remove the
  > aoutos.h definition and add a note to tm.texi that ASM_OUTPUT_CONSTRUCTOR
  > does not rely on the name being exported, and that it is unconditional.
  > While we're at it, we should reduce the redundancy of the tm files; there
  > are too many files with the same defn of ASM_OUTPUT_CONSTRUCTOR.
Yea.  But fixing aoutos.h does not (IMHO) make HJ's patch correct since it
really sounds like he's depending on the wrong macro to control the behavior
he wants.

I'll fix aoutos.h in the mainline tree.


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