flow patch #8

Richard Henderson rth@cygnus.com
Fri Feb 19 17:36:00 GMT 1999

I've been iterating with Jeff for a while, and this version has
gotten a stamp of approval from him.

I've bootstrapped the code under alpha-linux, i686-linux, and
mips-irix6.3 with no regressions.  Sparc tests are being rerun
after yesterday's assign_stack_temp_for_type fix, which was
preventing any bootstrap.  An AIX bootstrap failed today, though
I don't know if PPC is currently stable -- I'll be checking that
this evening.

This is a last call for comments.  Assuming ppc doesn't turn up
an actual regression due to this patch, I'll probably commit it
on Sunday.

Due to the size of the patch, I've put it up for ftp at


The changelog is attached.


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