Corrected patch

Bret McGuire
Mon Feb 15 08:31:00 GMT 1999

	Sorry, got the old and newfiles reversed on that last post.  This
should work a little bit better...

								- Bret -

--- wwwdocs.orig/htdocs/cvs.html	Wed Feb 10 10:13:44 1999
+++ wwwdocs/htdocs/cvs.html	Mon Feb 15 09:59:16 1999
@@ -61,9 +61,13 @@ to check out the egcs sources.
 update"</code> will sync your local copy with the repository.  See the
 CVS manual for additional information on how to use CVS.
-<p>We recommend you read the <a href="faq.html#generated_files"> 
-FAQ entry regarding additional tools you may need when building from CVS
-sources </a>
+<p>It may be necessary to obtain patches for common utilities when building
+from CVS.  We recommend you read the <a href="faq.html#generated_files"> 
+FAQ entry</a> regarding additional tools you may need.  Another 
+<a href="faq.html#gperf">FAQ entry</a> documents changes you will likely have
+to make to the gperf utility.
 <p> You can check out the egcs-1.0.x release branch with the following command:
@@ -91,7 +95,7 @@ the web pages.
-<i>Last modified on January  8, 1999.</i>
+<i>Last modified on February  15, 1999.</i>
 <a href="">Return to the egcs home page</a>
--- wwwdocs.orig/htdocs/faq.html	Wed Feb 10 10:13:45 1999
+++ wwwdocs/htdocs/faq.html	Mon Feb 15 09:57:50 1999
@@ -95,6 +95,8 @@ comp.std.c++ FAQ</a>.
     <li><a href="spam.html">Dealing with spam on the lists</a>
     <li><a href="#squangle">How to work around too long C++ symbol names? 
+    <li><a href="#gperf">When building from CVS sources, I see 'gperf: invalid option -- F', 
+	even with the most current version of gperf.</a>
@@ -979,7 +981,7 @@ to rebuild egcs.</p>
 <p>Autoconf is available from
 <a href=" "> </a>; have a look at
-<a name=" ">
+<a href=" "> </a> for the other packages.
@@ -1079,8 +1081,33 @@ initialized by default), then rebuilding
+<h2><a name="gperf">When building from CVS sources, I see 'gperf: 
+invalid option -- F', even with the most current version of gperf.
+<p>The current version of gperf (v2.7) does not support the -F flag 
+which is used when building egcs from CVS sources.  You will need to 
+obtain a patch for gperf and rebuild the program; this patch is available 
+at <a href=" ">
+ </a>
+<p>Patches for other tools, particularly autoconf, may also be necessary 
+if you're building from CVS sources.  Please see the 
+<a href="#generated_files">FAQ entry</a> regarding these tools to 
+determine if anything else is needed.
+<p>These patched utilities should <strong>only</strong> be required if 
+you are building from CVS sources.  For example, gperf is used to 
+generate C code for a perfect hash function given an input file.  
+Distributions of egcs already contain the generated C code, while the 
+CVS sources will provide only the gperf input file.  So gperf should 
+only be necessary if you are building anything obtained from CVS.
 <p><a href="index.html">Return to the EGCS home page</a>
-<p><i>Last modified:  January 21, 1999</i>
+<p><i>Last modified:  February 15, 1999</i>
 <!--#include virtual="/glimpsebox.html"-->

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