Jeffrey A Law
Tue Feb 9 18:29:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > Is there any reason why the temporary file tmp-emsgid.c is checked into the
  > EGCS CVS repository? 
No clue.

  > I don't see the file in the gcc2 ss-980929 snapshot or the gcc2 ss-990109
  > snapshots.  I suspect this was just accidental.
Hmmm, it's in my testgcc-980929 directory.  I just checked the 980929 snapshot
tarball and it does appear:

zcat ss-980929.tar.gz | tar vtf - | grep tmp
-r--r--r-- philb/waswheel   3454 Sep 30 08:08 1998 testgcc-980929/tmp-emsgids.c

  > Perhaps the Makefile created the file in the source directory, and Jeff
  > just checked it in because it was there?
It a file is in the tarball, then it'll automatically get added to our
repository when I do the cvs import.

  > Or perhaps it is in the gcc2 CVS repository, and Jeff got it from
  > there?
Definitely not.

  > Unless someone indicates otherwise, I plan to remove the file.
Sounds like the right thing to do.  cvs delete it, don't actually remove
it from the repository though -- that causes problems.


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