f2c configure fix

Manfred Hollstein manfred@s-direktnet.de
Tue Feb 9 12:52:00 GMT 1999

On nil, 9 February 1999, 17:51:14, d.love@dl.ac.uk wrote:

 > >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeffrey A Law <law@upchuck.cygnus.com> writes:
 >  Jeff> The problem is we do not include the right -I arguments to
 >  Jeff> ensure that we get the right header files.
 > Is it definitely clear that's the whole problem?  (Sorry, I haven't
 > had time to check.)
 >  Jeff> I do not believe we ever installed the submitted patch.
 > No, it's not installed.  I can install it if someone will approve it.
 > It's currently conflated with another one in my sources, also not
 > approved, to change the $f77_cv_... introduced by
 > 1998-11-26  Manfred Hollstein  <manfred@s-direktnet.de>
 >         * configure.in (compiler_name): Add check to detect if this
 >         language's compiler has been built.
 > to $g77_cv_..., avoiding the namespace now annexed (reasonably) by
 > autoconf.  (This might save grief some time with site config files.)
 > Would someone approve that too?  Sorry the submission isn't to hand,
 > but it's a trivial renaming.

If you only worry about the f77_... vs. g77_..., approved.  If you want
me to look at the second patch in question, too, would you mind sending
me a copy?


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