f2c configure fix

Dave Love d.love@dl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 8 14:00:00 GMT 1999

Is this problem with configure related to the one that involves the
wrong libiberty.h (?) being picked up?  Someone submitted a patch for
that which I thought was going to be committed but doesn't seem to
have been.  It added a new -I location for the relevant header files,
which have moved on us at some stage.  On some systems it fails
because the header isn't found; on others it picks up the wrong stuff
installed by some other package.  There didn't seem to be a decent way
of preventing this happening again once it's fixed :-(.  I don't know
off-hand why configure doesn't fail -- I'd have thought it should.

Anyone have better ideas for extracting the relevant info?  (This was
more foolproof when the f/ directory looked after the runtime.)

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