libiberty as a parameter

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Feb 3 21:25:00 GMT 1999

  In message <>you write:
  > The libiberty that I build is the one shipping with egcs... the only
  > difference is that it's tuned not to include mkstemp (since libc does have
  > a working version), and that it's a dynamic library.
Ah.  That's much better.

  > Okay, take this as the first step in that direction...
I'm not sure taking this step *now* is a good idea.

  > I can't invest the time into making the full multi-lib shebang. This is a
  > bit similar with not getting found when it is not ldconfig'ed as
  > root, only more so, since the executables that depend on libiberty do get
  > run during bootstrap.
Err, how is it similar to the ldconfig problem?

Aren't you actually introducing a ldconfig-like problem by linking against
a shared

I'd also be interested in how you're going to manage to keep the various copies
of libiberty straight after an install.  gdb, binutils, egcs, and other
packages all include a similar, but subtly different version of libiberty
due to different release schedules.


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