A patch for libio

Jeffrey A Law law@hurl.cygnus.com
Wed Feb 3 21:12:00 GMT 1999

  In message <m106ODg-000AUOC@shanghai.varesearch.com>you write:
  > On a very fast SMP machine, stamp-picdir/$(PICDIR) may not yet finish
  > before others which depend on starts during a parallel build. As the
  > result, the "pic" directory doesn't exist when it is used. This patch
  > adds the dependencies to stamp-picdir/$(PICDIR) for those which depend
  > on it.
  > Thanks.
  > -- 
  > H.J. Lu (hjl@gnu.org)
  > --
  > Tue Jan 26 12:07:13 1999  H.J. Lu  (hjl@gnu.org)
  > 	* Makefile.in (iostream.list): Remove dependency on
  > 	stamp-picdir.
  > 	($(LIBIOSTREAM_DEP)): Depend on stamp-picdir.
  > 	* config.shared (all): Make $(PICDIR) concurrent.
You missed the same problem for LIBIO_OBJECTS.  You also should have added
a comment to the new depedency line.

The config.shared code had a spruious change $(libsubdir) definition.

I've fixed these problems and installed the patch.  Please try to be more
careful in the future.


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