patch: kill N copies of fatal() in gen*.c

Kaveh R. Ghazi
Tue Aug 31 22:41:00 GMT 1999

 > From: Jeffrey A Law <>
 >   > It would be Really Nice if someone would fix it so libiberty could be
 >   > used in the generator programs - they have their own copies of xmalloc
 >   > et al, too.  I don't know enough about the build framework to do this.
 > It's in the queue.  I approved a couple of what I thought were
 > infrastructure patches that we needed first a few days ago.  Once
 > those are in I'll review the patch which actually builds host &
 > build copies of libiberty.

	Yes, I got the approval messages.  There was a small issue I
was thinking through before installing.  Now that I've done that, none
of my platforms bootstrap, so I can't update and retest the patch.
(Its old enough that I want to retest it.)

A few patches just went in.  Maybe one of them fixes it.  So I'll
rebootstrap before filing bug reports.

Note BTW, the libiberty patches you recently approved are unrelated to
the one from December.  So its not a requirement to install them
first.  But conversely, it doesn't prohibit me from doing so. :-)

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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